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The Power of Connection

Why is connection so powerful?

I’m lucky enough to have attended the Collective Trauma Summit 2022, facilitated by Thomas Hubl.

I resonate with so many of the speakers, especially those whose story relates to connecting more deeply with themselves, others and Mother Nature.

This leads me to contemplate on the power of connection.

One of the speakers told a story of how she was homeless at age 15 in New York after running away from home. She was feeling suicidal and determined that she never wanted to feel this way again. She asked herself, “what are the top three things I love to do most in the world?” Her answer, “be outdoors, make things and care for something”. She ensured that she did each of these every single day! When she was working 2 jobs, she still sat outside, even if it was only for 10 minutes.

She’s now a famous photographer of the north and south poles, still doing what she loves; being outdoors, making beautiful, impactful photos and caring for others by showing them what she believes is important for them to know.

She’s connected to her deepest self and is flourishing by following her path.

The second very inspiring story is about a man from Cambodia who was kidnapped by the Khmer Rouge as a boy and was forced to watch people being killed around him and to carry a gun at the age of 12. He was also forced to play a musical instrument, playing propaganda songs. He noted that playing the music allowed him to temporarily escape from feeling the hell he was in.

He came to realise the power of music and the arts, bringing people together and connecting them in love and harmony.

He now goes around the world to genocide and war-torn areas and teaches the children to play an instrument. This is how he transforms his anger and pain into feeling love and connection with others. This is how he helps others to reconnect to their ancestors and their culture.

Since I started meditating regularly three years ago, I realised that I wanted to look out at nature while doing it. This makes me feel more connected as I’m moved by the beauty of the trees, the movement of birds and insects. I feel my heart opening and expanding. As time progressed, I now see different animals appearing and more recently, people’s faces. This makes me feel even more connected to Mother Nature and my ancestors. It allows me to feel how we’re all interconnected to others and nature. It allows me to feel the exquisite beauty and healing capacity of Mother Nature.

In some way, true connection is beyond time and space. Being fully present in the now allows you to reconnect to yourself, others and Mother Nature.

When you go inwards in stillness and connect to what your heart really wants, you will find your true answers and the path that you wish to follow in your life. Give it a try!

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