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Working with Jenny has changed my life. She helped me articulate my goals and objectives very clearly at the outset and working with her to achieve them felt like a breeze and so very rewarding. While I remained in the driver’s seat throughout the process, Jenny was highly perceptive about digging into those key moments where I was experiencing a change in mindset and understanding what drives them. I would happily work with her again and can’t recommend her enough!


"Jenny ran a session with my group members and I loved how different people said they felt after doing Jenny’s exercises. She has a magical, calm energy about her and even being in an online session with her spreads that calm. My own breath slowed down during the session and I felt quite relaxed at the end of it. This is clearly Jenny’s zone of genius!’
Nicoline Huizinga
“Jenny managed to bring me to a deep state of calm in just a few minutes and through a Zoom call! In just a few minutes, we transformed a negative statement, a fear, into a positive statement and my fear turned out to be unfounded."
Bradley Charbonneau
“Jenny is a great listener: I sometimes feel she hears more than what’s being said. Probably because of that she is able to ask questions that sound very simple but that in the end really make you think and give you new insights”
Katinka Huijberts
I've had quite a few sessions together with Jenny Mason. In the beginning I was not sure what to expect, as I had never had any coaching before. It has been a really great experience where I have learned more about myself and my way of thinking than I have done on my own. The way that she listens to me, and the way that she makes me feel comfortable to be myself are for me the most valuable assets that allowed me to make big steps moving forward in both my personal and professional life. It isn't easy to make it look so easy! I think her great strength is the fact that she combines authenticity with real skill leading you to bring out the best in yourself. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone.
Laura Barbé
I really enjoyed working with Jenny. She is very personable and easy to talk to. She is passionate about her work and has a genuine interest in her client's lives. She asked all the right questions to help me come to some much-needed realizations about work/ life balance and look at the blocks which were in the way. She also provided quick and easy techniques I could use at home to help me be more calm, organized and productive throughout the day. I would definitely recommend coaching with Jenny to anyone looking to find a better work/life balance or improve any aspect of life in general. Through our coaching sessions together I have moved closer to the best version of myself! Thank you Jenny!
Sophia White
In search for my passion I have asked Jenny to coach me and find what it is that drives me. This is both professionally and personally. The sessions we had greatly helped me in discovering things that I was unable to find by myself. Jenny asked the right questions to find what I was looking for. I would recommend everyone the help of Jenny in coaching
Boyke van Bennekom
Jenny was very helpful in providing me with the space to explore. She was good at reflecting back to me what I was saying and helping me become more aware of my "stuck" thinking. We worked on a few topics related to work: motivation, getting things done, direction. I learned a lot about myself while coaching together, and I gained many important insights and helpful strategies. Thanks to the work we did, I feel a lot better about myself overall, and much more motivated and confident about what I'm doing. Thank you so much for these sessions, I appreciate your help very much!
I decided to work with Jenny because I needed to discover a way to function that gets me closer to my goals without dragging my emotions or personal issues down. We explored my doubts and fears and uncovered wide pathways for my growth and productivity. I had various moments of grounding myself in reality and restoration. Jenny's natural and laid-back approach gave me more elbow room for reflection and fulfilling priorities. As a result, I was able to establish a deeper, more meaningful relationship with my husband while being on my way to completing a new program design for my forthcoming organizational development consulting business. In addition, I got to finally return to the city where I can do more meaningful activities, make lots of friends, and create and seize new opportunities.
Februalin Paquera Briones