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There was never a night or a problem
that could defeat sunrise or hope

Bernard Williams

Team Coaching Services

From demotivation to an engaged thriving team

Achieving your business goals without micromanaging your teams

Is this familiar to you?

Many of us are juggling so many balls that we don’t know if and how we can keep them all in the air.

We tend to prioritise what others need from us above what we need for ourselves.

We have too little time to clarify what we want out of life and how to get there.

If this is what you're looking for,
my Team Coaching is for you!

My extensive experience in corporate change management highlighted the importance of clarity, collaboration, compassion and creativity within and between teams in reaching change objectives successfully.

Facilitating teams to find ways of improving these qualities is my focus when coaching teams to find clarity on their purpose and on the journey to achieve their goals.

My team coaching is all about ensuring clarity of the purpose and breaking through any resistance regarding the goal and the journey to achieve it.

With my coaching, team members feel empowered, calm and connected as they are committed to working together towards a common goal.

Are you ready to go from demotivation to a fully engaged thriving team?

Group Coaching clients say:

I am a certified Transformation Coach and founder of Imajen Coaching.

I help hard working professionals to find balance and fulfilment in their career and their lives.

Before founding Imajen Coaching, I worked for over thirty years in Change Management and Finance. After a successful career helping teams to achieve the company objectives, I now coach individuals and teams on how to get from survive to thrive mode. With my coaching, clients get clarity on their purpose and I inspire people to find their own inner escape artist, break out of the chains that bind them and believe in and achieve their goals.

We start with an intake session to clarify what your challenges are and how I can help you with them.


This information helps us to plan an applicable strategy to tackle the challenges and move towards their resolution.

The strategy could contain ways to clarify the purpose of the team, identify current issues and stumbling blocks and find ways to motivate and engage the team.


Are you ready to start? Contact Me!