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About me

Hi, I’m Jenny Mason

Certified Transformation Coach

I was born in South Africa and came to the Netherlands in my late twenties. Self-development and creativity are very important to me. My core values are fairness, equality, connection and compassion. 


I love to learn new things and have made career changes from Finance to Corporate Change Management and finally founding my own company as a Transformation Coach. The transformation from a content perspective to a people perspective is exciting and I feel I have found my true purpose.


Growing up in South Africa during apartheid was very confusing for me and when I was thirteen, I decided to never form an opinion nor judge people based on group features such as colour, nationality or gender. I would meet each person as an individual and decide whether I liked them or not. This situation formed my strong values for equality and justice for all.


When I came to the Netherlands, I worked in Finance and Change Management at a bank mainly due to the need for security and the steady income that it brought. Intellectually, I was learning a lot, but I started feeling I was not using my creativity, connection, intuition and compassion to the full extent that my heart desired. I was not fulfilling my true purpose.


I took a leap of faith, found my true calling as a Transformation coach and followed my heart.


My passion is to inspire people to live their true magic which is life itself!

The logo for my company, Imajen Coaching, is an Eagle. 


This represents flying high to get the broad vision, clarifying the desired outcome and then soaring efficiently to achieve it. Symbolically, the Eagle connects us to the Universal source of abundance and this brings magic into the process!


I have an International Coach Federation training and I adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Together, Let’s fly to your desired outcome and discover the magic that is life itself!

Finding the right coach is vital to your success, that’s why I offer a free 30-minute discovery call to understand your goals and if we are the right fit to work together.